Welcome to The Crappy Runner!

Just an unfit girl trying to get back into running, and getting myself ready for a half marathon! Building endurance, conditioning my body, and maintaining consistency.

So far my running accomplishments have been:

  • Signing up for a 10k charity run.
  • Training for said 10k using C25K and Zombies, Run!, along with podcasts and audiobooks (for entertainment, y’know?)
  • Running in above 10k
  • Reaching my goal PB >35min 5k

Current PB: 32min / 5km
Current Average: 7:30


  • Erin, 27, Canberra
  • Student
  • 5’4
  • Living with my boyfriend and cat

Favourite run tracking apps:

  • Zombies, Run!
  • MapMyRun

I run around my neighbourhood mostly, interspersed with runs in other towns when on holidays or visiting family.

You can also find me on Instagram!! Check me out over there @thecrappyrunner 🙂