Review: Call of Duty WWII Collaboration with Zombies, Run! (missions 1-3)

My review of the first three missions in the collaboration between Zombies, Run! and Call of Duty: WWII

The Crappy Runner sees storm
The Crappy Runner sees a storm, runs toward it.

Setting: Loop around my neighbourhood and surrounds
Distance: 5.12 Km
Time: 39:16
Average Pace: 7:40 /Km
Tunes: Spotify Playlist: “Zombies, Run!” by RIAVEG8 (pretty good, but “Eye Of The Tiger”???!)

Feels: When I saw the new missions pop up for the Call of Duty: WWII collaboration, I was super excited for some vintage war-inspired scary runs!! Unfortunately, these new missions are just brought to you by the team at Call of Duty team. So they are less horrifying run through the woods in Nazi Germany being chased by Nazi-turned zombies, and more mission run.
I will be finishing the rest of the missions and do another run-log with my thoughts on the last two.

The Run
: It feels good to be getting back into running, and even though my time hasn’t changed much, my stamina has! I look forward to building it back up to what it was after the 10k, but this kind of run is definitely getting me in the right direction.

My thoughts during:

Runner 5 - Call of Duty: WWII Review run
  • Wearing new shorts was probably a bad idea.
  • These storm clouds look menacing
  • I’m hungry
  • My legs are on fire
  • How did I use to do this?
  • Wow, I feel amazing
  • These shorts suck
  • Ugh
  • Oh! Down-hill! This is nice!
  • Ugh
  • Sunburnt legs are the worst
  • I’m so hungry!
  • and on and on and on..
  • OOH! Flowers!

If you’re interested in giving the Zombies, Run! app a try, check out their website, here

There’s also a great community on Reddit all about being Runner 5.



Success!! Run finished, flowers found!
Success!! Run finished, flowers found!


Author: Thecrappyrunner

Just an unfit girl trying to get back into running, and getting myself ready for a half marathon! Building endurance, conditioning my body, and maintaining consistency.

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